Music Stuff is a not for profit organisation limited by guarantee. Starting in 2000 it was incorporated in 2002.


The Organisation works across Greater Manchester but the majority of its delivery currently takes place in the City.


During the past 17 years Music Stuff's overriding Aim has been to make music and its associated activities accessible to as wide a range of young people and the wider community as possible regardless of technical skill or ability.

Although we love music as an art form we also see it as a tool for enabling young people to develop a range of life skills including co-operation & team working, communication, self confidence and determination. We know that out of the many hundreds of young people we work with only a few will pursue professional careers in music and the arts.  However through engagement with our programmes all will develop and improve their wider life and social skills and increase their enjoyment of making and listening to music.

We provide opportunities for live instrument playing, DJing, singing,  video, sound production recording & online media creation.  We also actively promote the collaboration and development of ideas amongst young people

Key to Musics stuffs approach is the belief that all young people have skills, knowledge and abilities that can make a positive and a worthwhile contribution to their communities.As such we take an 'asset based' supportive approach to our engagement with young people based on their strengths and self defined goals. Programmes and activities are informed by the young people we work with to ensure that our offer is best placed to meet there needs 

Music stuff believes in the power of music to bring people together, foster social action and  be a force for positive change with this in mind we actively seek to develop collaborations with and support the work of community based organisations and individuals to develop music programmes in a variety of settings across neighbourhoods

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